Charade (1963): Brian Cruikshank


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The clip Brian Cruikshank from Charade (1963) with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant

You didn't have to chase me so hard.
That one's done. Do this one.
I'm sorry I thought you were the murderer,
but how was I to know he was as big a liar as you are?
Is that all the gratitude I get for saving your hide?
Rub your own blinking foot.
The truth: Was it my hide, or those stamps?
What a terrible thing to say. How could you think that?
Then prove it to me.
Tell me to go to the embassy first thing in the morning and turn in those stamps.
I said, tell me to go to the embassy first...
I heard you, I heard you.
Then say it.
Now, Reggie, listen to me. There's something I'd like to explain.
Never mind. I'll go by myself.
What makes you think they're even interested?
It's only a quarter million. It'll cost more than that for them to fix their bookkeeping.
Now, as a taxpayer...
Who's a taxpayer? Crooks don't pay taxes.
Excuse me, soldier...
Marine, ma'am.
Forgive me. Who would I see regarding the return of stolen government money?
You might try the Treasury Department.
Room 217, second floor, Mr. Cruikshank.
217. Thank you, marine.
Uh, do you mind if I don't go in with you?
The sight of all that money being given away might make me break out.
Mr. Cruikshank, please. My name is Lampert.
Mr. Cruikshank? A Miss Lamp...
Mrs. Lampert to see you.
Yes, sir. Go right in.
Thank you.
Of all the mean,
contemptible, crooked...
Crooked? I should think you'd be glad to find out I'm not crooked.
You can't even be honest about being dishonest.

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