El Aura (2005): Esteban Telling the Plan of the Heist


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The clip esteban telling the plan of the heist from El aura (2005)

Dietrich said a friend from Buenos Aires would be in this too.
Why didn't you say that before?
He only mentioned it once. Now that this guy says it...
He mentioned it...
Okay, fill me in.
The casino, the Lauquen, is on route 25.
Every Monday...
...they bring the money from the weekend to the bank in town.
They use an armoured truck. Always the same one.
With a team of two men. And it's always the same two men.
The truck leaves the casino...
...takes route 15...
...and then takes route 3 to town.
On route 15, there's a bar. Actually, it's a brothel.
It's isolated, in the middle of nowhere.
The truck always stops there.
And the men get out. Both of them.
I was the one who found that out. I told Dietrich.
That's why he said I could be in, when the job went ahead.
Dietrich has a contact in the casino.
A guy he owes a lot of money to.
A guy.
Someone who has access to almost everything.
And who realised that the only way to get his money back...
...was to help him with the job.
The guy gave him everything.
Internal documents, schedules, the routes, the figures...
How much?
On a regular weekend, 800,000, a million.

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