El Aura (2005): Check in Part 2


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The clip check in Part 2 from El aura (2005)

Or any other meal. It's no problem.
There are no other hunters.
There's nobody.
I thought that...
Don't listen to Julio. My husband's in charge here.
And if he isn't here, it's me.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Hunting, I guess.
If you want him as a guide, I can try to get him on his cell phone.
You can get a signal here?
The casino put up an antenna. It works for the whole valley.
Shall I call him?
No, we'll go on our own, tomorrow first thing.
To Junquillo?
Further north, closer to Pilauquen.
No one ever goes there.
That's why we're going there.
I wanted to rent a rifle for my friend but now we're too far away.
Can you rent us one?
Do you want to see them? Come with me.
Now you've got a gun.

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