El Aura (2005): Don't Forget the Third Man


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The clip don't forget the third man from El aura (2005)

What happened?
Come with me.
Where's Vega?
It's 8:15. Where's Vega?
Vega can't make it.
He can't make it?
What the fuck are you talking about?
It's all fine, even if he doesn't come.
What do you mean, "Even if he doesn't come"?
It's fine, I have the key. He gave it to me.
Who gives a fuck about the key?!
If Vega isn't inside the truck...
...who's going to open the door from the inside?
The two guards will get out. Nobody's left inside the truck.
It's a long weekend, you motherfucker! Three days' worth!
They put three men in the truck!
There's a third man inside the truck, and Dietrich knows that very well.
It took me two months to get them to take Vega on as a guard.
Two months' careful work to get him inside the truck.
And now Vega isn't here and they're putting in some dick I don't know.
A new guy who doesn't know anything.
Don't forget the third man.
Driver and two guards.
Crew: 3.
Dietrich didn't... he didn't tell me...

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