The Holiday (2006): Kissing Goodbye


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The clip kissing goodbye from The Holiday (2006) with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law

This was such a great afternoon.
It was a really great afternoon.
You know, you don't have to walk me in. It's freezing, and...
You can just say you don't want me to come in.
No, it's not that. I just... No...
I'm just tired. I think I'm gonna take a nap.
It's not that.
Okay, I'll pretend I believe you.
Graham, I'm leaving in nine days.
And that makes this complicated.
And I'm not sure I can handle complicated right now.
And that doesn't make things complicated?
Sex makes everything complicated.
Even when you don't have it, the not having it makes things complicated.
Which is why it's usually better to have it. Some say.
Well, I'm off to work in the morning.
I promise I won't be drunkenly banging on your door any time soon.
We'll see each other, okay? We'll figure something out.
Oh, it's freezing.

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