The Holiday (2006): Amanda Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend Part 3


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The clip amanda breaks up with her boyfriend Part 3 from The Holiday (2006)

Just put me out of my misery.
What are we doing here...?
Yes, okay? I slept with her. Are you happy?
I've been sleeping with her. She's in love with me. She's young.
Look, this is not a proud moment for me.
I mean, you should just know that.
Did you say, am I happy?
I didn't mean that. You get me nuts sometimes, I say things I don't mean.
In the world of love, Ethan not that I'm such a genius at it but in the world of love, cheating is not acceptable.
No matter what you think...
I know you have a very high opinion of yourself, but this isn't all me.
So when you're not in such a rage I think you'll see that too.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe when I stop having visions of you two together I will see your side.
You gotta be...
Punched him in the face.
Is this a bad time?
No, no, I'm just...
I'm just flipping out a little bit.
Oh, okay.
God. Okay... No. I'm okay. God, why would this happen?
No. You know what? I'm all right.
What's up?
Ben needs you.
Rebecca Green was just your average 20-year-old.

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