The Holiday (2006): Expision About Iris's Relationship Problems


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The clip expision about iris's relationship problems from The Holiday (2006)

Oh, Jasper.
Don't tell me you're still...
No, no, no, that's over. very over.
What's the story with you two anyway? You were shagging him, weren't you?
More importantly, I was in love with him, truth be known.
Then you found out he was shagging that drip from Circulation.
Which is when I stopped shagging him.
We shouldn't be talking about this at the office party.
But I always see you two together.
He cheated on you, but you stayed friends?
I was head over heels, you know? Everyone knew.
Does it look like I'm crying right now?
No, no, no.
No, it just looks like it's the smoke from my cigarette.
Did he ever actually tell you that he loved you back?
Yes. Three, almost four times. And when I reminded him of that he said it must have been an answer to a question.
Which, by the way, it absolutely was not.
You know, Iris, when you catch your guy with another woman you're not supposed to stay friends with him.
You're supposed to never talk to the prick again.
You're supposed to throw things at him, scream, call him names.
Not do his blooming laundry.
I don't do his laundry.
Did someone tell you I do his laundry?
No, no, all we do now is we e-mail.
Not when he's with her, of course.
Also when he's not with her, we talk on the phone.
Sometimes for hours. And then there's the occasional long lunch.
You know, I never realized how pathetic you are.
Oh, God. I'm so aware of it.
They always know just how to get us, don't they?
He knows whenever he wants back in your life...
Actually, he has made some small comments like that recently.
He hasn't exactly come right out and said it...
Iris, did you file your story?
Oh, no, not yet. Down to the wire. Sorry.
Better go.

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