The Holiday (2006): Amanda Meets Graham Part 3


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The clip amanda meets graham Part 3 from The Holiday (2006)

So... I'm sorry, I've totally blanked and forgotten your name.
So, Amanda you're not married, are you?
Why? Do I look not married?
No. It was just a backwards way of asking if you were married.
No, not at all.
I don't know what that means.
I mean, no, I'm not married.
Me neither.
So is it horrible if I stay?
I'll be gone before you even wake up.
I promise you will never lay eyes on me again.
Of... No, that's fine. Sure.
Thank you.
Let me just get you a blanket.
In the cupboard, on top of the Scrabble.
So why is it you aren't quite yourself at the moment?
Well, I just broke up with someone.
And I guess what I was feeling was that I didn't wanna be alone over the holidays.
I thought that if I was somewhere else I wouldn't realize I was alone.
Then I got here and never felt more alone in my life.
Big surprise.
Bet you're glad you knocked on this door.
I am, actually.

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