The Holiday (2006): Trying to Find a Vacation


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The clip trying to find a vacation from The Holiday (2006)

Okay, where do I wanna go?
By myself at Christmas.
By myself depressed at Christmas.
All alone on vacation.
Alone, alone.
Totally alone.
Please, just give me one.
One tear.
Okay. Moving on.
"Worry-Free vacations. "
Good. Where's that?
Bora Bora.
"Kayak for one?" No, thank you.
"vacation Rentals. " I could do that.
Hole up in a house somewhere. Disappear for a few weeks.
I like that idea.
"Where do you wanna go on your next vacation?"
"Click here and pick a country. "
Where do they speak English?
"Click on a town or city. "
Let's see. Cotswolds.
"Barn converted to modern house in the beautiful Cotswolds. "
Which looks exactly like the valley.
Surrey. "Christmas in the country. "
"A fairy-tale English cottage set in a tranquil country garden.
Snuggle up by an old stone fireplace and enjoy a cup of cocoa.
An enchanting oasis of tranquility in a quiet English hamlet just 40 minutes from exciting London. "

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