Changeling (2008): Commit to Asylum


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The clip commit to asylum from Changeling (2008) with Angelina Jolie

Mrs. Collins.
You can leave the boy. She'll take care of him.
Oh, you've caused us quite a bit of trouble, Mrs. Collins.
This situation has become an embarrassment for the entire police department.
It wasn't my intention to embarrass anyone.
Oh, no, of course not.
You just told the papers we couldn't tell one boy from another as a compliment
for the months we spent working on your case.
You trying to make fools out of us? Is that it? You enjoy this?
Of course not.
I want you to find my son.
You know what your problem is, Mrs. Collins?
You're trying to shirk your responsibilities as a mother.
You enjoyed being a free woman, didn't you?
You enjoyed not having to worry about a young son.
You could go where you wanted, do whatever you wanted,
see anyone you wanted.
But then we found your son, and we brought him back.
And now he's an inconvenience to you.
And that's why you cooked up this scheme,
to throw him to the state and get the state to raise him for you.
Isn't that true? That is not true!
No? Well, even the boy says he's your son.
Why would he say that?
How would he know to do that?
I don't know. I just know he's lying.
Oh, maybe so. Maybe he is a liar.
But that's how he's been trained, isn't it?
Lying was born in both of you.
You're a liar and a troublemaker and, if you ask me,
you got no business walking the streets of Los Angeles.
Now wait a minute.
Because either you know you're lying,
or you're not capable of knowing if you're lying or telling the truth.
So, which is it?
You a derelict mother? Or just plain nuts?
'Cause from where I sit, those are the only options.
I'm not gonna sit here and take this.
You want experts? You want doctors? I have a few of my own.
Mrs. Collins, you still insist that the boy out there is not your son?
Yes, I do.
Please, don't struggle. What?
No! You'll only hurt yourself.
What are you doing? Hold still.

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