Changeling (2008): Angry Phone Call


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The clip angry phone call from Changeling (2008) with Angelina Jolie

It is absolutely outrageous!
Calm yourself, calm yourself and just listen to me.
No, no, no. No, you listen to me, please.
This so called doctor paraded me around my own neighborhood,
like some kind of a derelict mother who didn't even know her own son.
And what was his findings?
He found what he expected to find,
what you obviously told him he would find.
Mrs. Collins. But that's not...
That's nothing to be embarrassed about.
That I was embarrassed is not the issue.
The point is that you are wasting time
when you should be looking for my son.
But the report is final, Mrs. Collins.
Well, then I want to receive the report, so I can refute it,
before it goes to anyone else.
Yes. Good day.

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