Changeling (2008): Question Boy


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The clip question boy from Changeling (2008)

and they told you they needed help finding a dog.
So, after you got in the truck, what happened next?
They drove me around for a long time,
then we ended up at this ranch.
Come on. Come on, Davy.
Davy! Come on. Get off me.
Don't fight this much. Hey!
Were there other boys there?
Yeah. Five, I think.
It was a long time ago, though.
Hello, boys. This is Davy.
I know you'll make him feel... Hey!
No. No! Hey! Shut up!
Did you speak to them?
Yeah? You remember any of their names?
Two of them were brothers.
I think their last name was Winslow.
The oldest one was Jeffrey.
And Walter.
Yeah. Do you remember Walter's last name?
Walter Collins.
Tell me something if you only remember some of the boys' names,

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