Changeling (2008): Last Words


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The clip last words from Changeling (2008)

I want to make it real clear
that I never once got a fair shake from you,
Your Honor,
or from this court.
The only one in here worth a good goddamn is her.
'Cause she's the only one who never badmouthed me to the press.
She's the only one who understands
what it is to be framed by the police
for something you didn't do. All right, that's enough.
And then to just be thrown in the hole,
to just rot and to fester and to be forgotten
and fade away, isn't that right? Gordon!
Counsel! Isn't it?
I never killed your boy, Mrs. Collins.
Counsel, that's enough! I would never do that.
I would never hurt Walter.
Counsel, get control of your client
or I'll have him bound and gagged!
He's an angel.
Come on, Gordon. Get off of me!
Now get down.
Gordon Stewart Northcott,
it is the judgment of this court
that you be conveyed to San Quentin Prison,
where you'll be held in solitary confinement for a period of two years,
until October 2, 1930.
On that date, you will be hanged by the neck until dead.
May God have mercy on your soul.

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