Changeling (2008): Reprimand Captain


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The clip reprimand captain from Changeling (2008)

Captain, your handling of the Christine Collins case
has exposed this department to public ridicule.
There is even the possibility of civil and criminal liability.
Sir, nobody could've known what was happening up at that ranch.
Not us, the sheriff's department, or the marshal's office.
And as for the Collins woman,
I'm still not convinced that her boy is among the victims up in Wineville.
There were four other photos of missing boys that looked a lot like him.
The Clark kid could've been mistaken.
Maybe he was.
Which begs the obvious question. Who cares?
The mayor wants this to go away.
I want this to go away.
The way you do that is to stop insisting that Walter Collins
is not among those boys killed up at that goddamn ranch.
Because if the boy you brought back is not Walter Collins,
and he's not dead up at that ranch, then where the hell is he?
People are gonna want to know why we haven't found him.
Why we're not doing our job.
But if, on the other hand,
he is, or could be, among those poor boys killed up in Wineville,
then the inquiries stop.
It's a momentary embarrassment
you're just gonna have to live with.
Better a short inconvenience
than a lingering problem, wouldn't you say, Captain?
Yes, sir.
The boy's been gone nearly a year.
If he was going to be found, it would've happened by now.
Whether he was up at that ranch or not,
the truth is he probably is dead somewhere.
Better his mother accept that now than later, don't you think?
Yes, sir. Good.
That'll be all, Captain.

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