Changeling (2008): Decide to Sue


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The clip decide to sue from Changeling (2008) with Angelina Jolie

How are you feeling?
All right.
The police still have a car outside.
I guess they're waiting to see what your next move is going to be.
I'm going home. And then?
Then, I've been giving it a lot of thought.
And what they did to those women, and what they did about Walter.
I used to always tell him, "You never start a fight, but you always finish it. "
And I didn't start this fight, but I'm gonna finish it.
Mrs. Collins, right now you're a sufficiently high profile that I think
even the police would hesitate to go after you out in the open,
but I have to warn you that could change very quickly
if they feel their position threatened.
Very quickly indeed.
What are they gonna do to me now?
They got nothing.
I'm going home.

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