Changeling (2008): Arrest Murderer 2


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The clip arrest murderer 2 from Changeling (2008) with Pete Rockwell, Jason Butler Harner

All right, fellas, step back. Let's give him room.
Here he is.
Mr. Northcott, any comment on your arrest?
Mr. Northcott, how are you feeling?
Oh, I'm feeling fine.
I've been on a little vacation, as some of you know.
It was a really pleasant vacation.
The police have certainly provided me with a lot of amusement.
How long you been in hiding?
How did you avoid capture?
Easy, easy. That's far enough.
Well, I didn't, did I?
One more shot!
Have you seen your picture in the paper?
Didn't know anybody wanted me until just recently.
Didn't even try.
My luggage still has my initials on it, fellas.
Did you know why the police were after you?
No, but I figured it'd be a good idea if I were to just stay out of it.
Any remorse, sir?
Do you have anything to say to the parents of the children you murdered?
No comment.
One more shot, this way!

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