Changeling (2008): Murder Trial


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The clip murder trial from Changeling (2008)

Therefore, I ask you to refrain from demonstrations of any kind.
Tell the truth! Tell the truth!
We are all here because we want to know the real facts in this case.
And everybody is going to be heard if we have to sit here for a week.
Mr. Thorpe, I don't see any members of the police commission.
Are there any members of the police department in the room?
Is Chief Davis here?
Is Captain Jones here?
Is there anybody here representing the police?
Mrs. Collins, could you come across the street with me for just a moment?
There's something I think you should see.
Well, I hate to call a recess before we've even started,
but I think a few phone calls are in order.
The police decided it'd be best to keep this off the main docket
in order to avoid exactly the sort of chaos we have across the street.
Mrs. Collins. I'm Leanne Clay.
This is my husband, John. Hi.
I just wanted to pass along my sympathies.
What we went through waiting to hear anything
about our son David was bad enough, now this.
But what the police did to you, there was no call for that.
No call at all.
All rise.
Please, be seated. Bailiff.

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