King of the Hill (1993): Clothes for Graduation


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The clip clothes for graduation from King of the Hill (1993)

Mail for 309?
Yeah, who's there?
It's me, Aaron.
Hey, I told you my mom's sick. You can't keep knocking.
What is that?
It's all I have to wear to graduation.
The pants don't button, the shirt's...
I'll get you something. When's the ceremony?
Noon tomorrow.
Oh, shit.
Why didn't you tell me? I could've got something.
I didn't know until just now.
All right, well, I got an idea. Might be a little risky.
You up for it? Good.
All right.
Come on.
Sure we should be doing this?
The hotel stole this stuff from people.
What about Ben?
Ben's a trained dog.
My mom used to tell me,
"You could teach a dog to walk on its hind legs, it's still a dog. "

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