King of the Hill (1993): Escape from Party


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The clip escape from party from King of the Hill (1993)

What's the matter?
Aaron just told me his parents are missing on an expedition.
My grades were just as good.
Everyone knew they'd give the award to the teacher's pet.
And all the girls feel sorry for him 'cause he's a charity case.
What a phoney. And did you see that outfit?
I haven't seen clothes that funny since the circus was here.
They don't even look like they're his.
My brother says there's a poor kid like him every year.
They always gets special treatment.
Did you hear about Aaron's parents?
They're lost on an expedition.
Say, Aaron.
Walter Emmins said Betty Haskins said that your parents were captured
by natives on a tiger hunt.
I thought your father was a pilot flying for the government.
Excuse me. I have to use your bathroom.
Excuse me.
Did you graduate?
Got something for you.

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