King of the Hill (1993): Mother Goes to Sanitarium


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The clip mother goes to sanitarium from King of the Hill (1993)

Here he is.
What's wrong?
Well, your mother has...
The specialist said that I have to go back to the sanatorium for a while.
But he was very optimistic.
He said that I might only have to stay there a month or two.
I'm just worried about... being here all alone.
What're you talking about?
He won't be alone. I'll be here with him.
I'm just worried about who's going to take care of you.
He knows how to take care of himself. You wanted to wait, we did.
We're supposed to be there by six, and you know how far it is.
You can...
You can come and visit me every Sunday.
Not the first two, but after that.
They won't let him inside. You know how strict they are.
Where are you going?
To say goodbye to her.
You just did!
That wasn't a real one.
You know how emotional your mother gets. You don't want to make a big scene.
OK. Big boy.

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