Love Wrecked (2005): Family Breakfast Part 2


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The clip family breakfast Part 2 from Love Wrecked (2005) with Jonathan Bennett, Fred Willard

Are you ready?
I was born ready.
Oh, you're going to miss my home cooking at St. Lucha this summer.
Sir, I, uh...
I hope that you're going to be okay with the situation...
in St. Lucia this summer.
Yeah, living situation with Jenny and me.
Oh, you mean the two of you being roomies.
Ryan, you're the last guy in the world I'm worried about.
The last guy.
I'm more worried about that rat-faced kid, Lenny.
The guy with the lazy eye and the boils on his chin.
But I'll be serious with you. I am down with it. It is tight, man.
Totally cool.
You have a kick-ass time.
Now give me five. And up high.
Motown bounce, slip and slide, back side and keep on trucking my man.

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