Miami Vice (2006): Getting Assignment from Fbi


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The clip getting assignment from fbi from Miami Vice (2006)

Prints on the fridge.
Hold on.
Where are you? What's your QTH?
Just a couple blocks away. We can see the lights.
Turn around.
Turn around? Look, we know these people.
Meet me in 15 minutes, Standard Park.
What the hell just happened? What was that?
Who's this?
He needs to talk to you.
I'm Fujima. We talked on the phone.
So, this was your operation?
Yes, at command level.
We trusted our informant, Alonzo, to you, and you got his whole family killed?
What, did you jump some amateurs into a game they ain't ready for?
What the fuck happened, man?
Three men got killed!
And so did our...
Cool down.
They discovered my guys were undercover, and we don't know how.
This was an interagency task force, DEA, ATF, U.S. Customs.
The leak could have come from any one unit.
I gotta assume my operational security is compromised.
Compromised? Your whole op sec is blown. You're stone cold dead in the water.
Meanwhile, it does not track.
White supremacist gang?
White prison gangs is tweakers and meth labs and trailer parks.
Bouncing the old lady around until they get busted back.

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