Miami Vice (2006): Meeting Montoya at Docks


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The clip meeting montoya at docks from Miami Vice (2006)

Excuse me, because I am very busy.
I have many things to do, so this will be brief. Yes?
I will try you out on one load to build trust.
1,000 ki's out of Colombia. Your end is $3 million.
In all matters, when you work for me,
you must do exactly what you say you will do.
In this business with me, I do not buy a service. I buy a result.
If you say you will do a thing,
you must do exactly that thing.
Then you will prosper beyond your dreams and live in Miami millionaire-style.
You will contact and work through Jos� Yero
on logistics, communications, security.
To do with money and terms, you will work through my Isabella.
I look forward to our doing more work together.
Whether we do or do not, it is unlikely that we will meet again.
I extend my best wishes to your families.
Thank you for making this trip to see me.

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