Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007): Feast


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The clip feast from Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) with Christian Brassington, Cate Blanchett

I am overwhelmed.
I am conquered.
I die.
Only your love,
my stattlich Elizabeth,
can restore me into life.
Your Highness does me great honor.
Oh, Elizabeth.
How blessed am I to stand in your fabled presence.
Ah, Elizabeth.
To speak your name is to hear celestial music.
May that sweet sound
guide me through my life to come, Elizabeth.
I have traveled here to this illustrious court
in the hope that our two great nations
might be joined in love.
He interests me.
Talk to him.
Him, my lady?
I adore the natives you brought. I don't suppose you could get one for me.
They're not dangerous, are they?
That depends on what you propose to do with them.
I'd dress him up in mulberry colored silk,
and have him walk behind me, carrying my cloak.

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