Josie and the Pussycats (2001): Management


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The clip management from Josie and the Pussycats (2001) with Rosario Dawson, Paulo Costanzo

Mmm! Good ramen.
I don't think people know how far one pack can go.
Honk, honk. Who brought doughnuts?
I hope you don't think that this makes up for your missing our gig.
Sure we didn't miss much.
Nice management skills, brother. Build yourself a nice fat girl group.
Hello, Alexandra. Have you lost some weight?
Bite me, Bambi! Okay, Alexandra, why don't you go wait in the car?
Make me, nose job.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That's the second time today, isn't it?
Ow! Ow. So, ladies,how'd our set go?
Hey, honey, I'm running a management company here. I can't be everywhere at once.
Wouldn't that be cool though if you could?
I could be here and in there,
and I could be in the living room...
and in the family room and overhere!
Alexander, you don't have any other clients. Where else do you need to be?
On the streets, spreading the gospel of the Pussycats.
I'm out there working my butt off for you guys.
I'm handing out fliers. I'm working the masses.
Waiting in line for Dujour tickets.
It's for business. I
It, uh-
Checking out the competition. I don't like Dujour, like, it's Dujour.
And I could be back in this room, and I could go in the closet!
Hello? Uh-huh. You want a demo tape of the Pussycats?
Your phone didn't even ring.
It's on vibrate.

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