Josie and the Pussycats (2001): Meeting Label Executive


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The clip meeting label executive from Josie and the Pussycats (2001) with Alan Cumming, Paulo Costanzo

Girls, I can't tell you how happy I am to be sitting...
at this table with the Pussy Hats.
Yes, of course. Of course, that would explain why you're not wearing any.
Okay, I speak on behalf of everyone at the label...
when I say that we'd love for you to sign with... MegaRecords.
Whoa, wait, whoa. Don't sign anything. Don't sign anything.
Who is this?
Alexander Cabot Ill. I'm the Pussycats' manager.
Really? In that case, you'll be entitled to 15% of everything they make.
I'm his sister, Alexandra. Love the accent.
Thank you.
I used to summer on the continent. Fancy a snog?
Fancy a mint?
Wait a minute. You want to sign us? You've never even heard us play.
Oh! Oh, oh. I'm sorry. Forgive me.
I thought you were a rock band that wanted to sign with a major label. My bad.
No, no, no!
No. No. It's
I didn't know it could happen this fast.
Well, that's the music biz for you. If you wait for it to slow down, it might pass you by.
Look what happened to the Beastie Boys.
But they're huge stars.
I know.
Excuse me. I have to-
Yeah, me too.
I went before we left. Good for you.
You should always try to go to the bathroom before you leave the house,
even if you don't have to-
Okay, this is crazy.
Beep-beep. Gotta gloss. It wouldn't hide the mustache.
Honk, honk. Alexander!
I should be here. It's a ladies' room.
Nothing I haven't seen before. Does anyone have change for a tampon?
I'll be outside.

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