Josie and the Pussycats (2001): Complaints to Manager


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The clip complaints to manager from Josie and the Pussycats (2001) with Alan Cumming, Seth Green

when everybody knows I shaved into a soul patch for the 'Don't Tell Your Papa' video?
This is wiggity-wack, Wyatt. You're supposed to be on top of this.
No, what's wiggity-wack is your damn monkey.
Here we go with the monkey again. DJ D.J. with the monkey.
Yes, here we go again. First it pooed on my incense.
Then it decided to poo on my two little balls.
And then it pooed on my picture of Swami Mukananda.
Will you please tell this man that Dujour means hygiene?
Maybe if you showed Dr. Zaius the proper respect, Dr. Zaius will stop showin' you the poo!
I'm gonna kill you!
Okay! Now, enough of this. I'm gonna rip out your heart!
Eye contact, hand. Eye contact, hand.
We'll talk to Coke about the cans...
and try and clean up after the doctor, okay?
Yo, man, I'm sorry. My bad.
It's all good.
Wyatt? Yes?
Could you maybe talk to Marco about him always doing my face?
You remember in the What video I established the
Eversince then, everytime you see Marco, he's doing the
face, and it's mine.
You look at him on TRL. "Hi, Carson. "
Look at him on the Kid's Choice Awards. "This is ours. Thanks. "
Then right here on the cover of Seventeen magazine.
"Hi, little girl. Beauty secrets?"
It's my face. It's my face.
Travis, am I, uh- doin' your face,
God forbid I'd
do your face, 'cause it's
such a good face.
That's it!
Boys, boys, boys.
Hold it!
Dujour means friendship.
Thank you, Les. Now, listen to me.
Let's all take a moment.
When we land, I will call the choreographer, and she will give you a new face.
Too bad your mama couldn't give you a good face.
Take that back right now!
I'm sorry, Travis.
Thank you.
You can have a new face too.
Dujour means family.
Dujour means teamwork.

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