Josie and the Pussycats (2001): Testing New Dujour Song


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The clip testing new dujour song from Josie and the Pussycats (2001) with Alan Cumming

Wyatt Frame. I'm with the label.
I'm in town scouting new talent, and I wondered if there was anyone worth hearing.
I saw the card, man, but I missed everything else.
Why don't you start over while I change songs?
No, wait! Play this. It's the new single from Dujour...
recorded just a few days ago before the... disappearance.
I'd really like to test the reaction.
Right on.
Check this out, y'all! I got the world premiere ofthe last single ever...
from the late, great Dujour just for all you in the store.
Check this out.
This is the best!
I love this song! It's their best ever.
If I don't buy it, everybody's gonna hate me. Totally!
And, I also want orange shoes. Yeah!
Orange shoes are so much cooler than these stupid pink shoes.
You guys, orange is the new pink!
I am sick of my Reebok sweats. I need some Puma sweats.
And I gotta buy a six-pack ofZima.
Dude, you don't drink. I think I should start.
Yes, I think they responded to that very well actually.
I think that song sucks.
I plug my ears when crap like that comes on.
Really? Everybody else seemed to like it.
That's because they're mindless drones who will gobble up anything you tell them is cool.
I see. Wow! You're a real free thinker, aren't you?
I'd love to talk to you some more.
People in the recording industry, like me,
always want to hear the opinion of individuals like yourself...
to find out what we're doing wrong.
Yeah, right. How much time do you have?
As much as you want. After you.

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