United 93 (2006): Working to Stop Hijackings


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The clip Working to stop hijackings from United 93 (2006)

Jesus Christ.
There's a guy who got stabbed.
He what? They stabbed this guy.
In first class, they stabbed him. It's the truth.
Who is that? There's a bomb, there's a man with a bomb.
What? And they have stabbed a passenger.
Oh, my God! Where's Debbie?
The men took her. They took Debbie. They grabbed her.
Where is Debbie?
They're taking over the plane. They took Debbie.
United 93, air traffic for you is 1 o'clock, 12 miles eastbound 371.
United 1523, did you hear somebody,
did you hear some other aircraft on the frequency here?
United 93, Cleveland. Verify your altitude.
United 93, Cleveland. How do you hear?
United 93, Cleveland.
United 93, Cleveland. Verify your altitude.
Tom, I'm getting no response out of a United 93. No response at all.
Ninety-three? Correct.
All right.
Delta 1989, Cleveland Center, 2249. Good day.
Delta 1989, roger.
Hey, Tom. Delta just called in. He sounds good.
This guy here? I don't think it's a hijack.
He took a turn of a 330 heading. It doesn't matter.
They said he was hijacked. They placed a phone call.
Keep working him, all right? I'm just telling you.
I don't know if we have one or two,
but I know he is descending on his own without a clearance.
Wait a minute. Delta. What about Delta?
Delta's answering. Delta's fine so far. The only one I don't have is the United 93.

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