United 93 (2006): More Suspected Hijackings


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The clip more suspected hijackings from United 93 (2006)

Copy. Boston-to-LA and that's Delta 1989, suspected hijack.
Eagle flight 248, contact Cleveland Center, 134.6.
John, there's a suspected hijack from Center at Boston, all right?
I need you to confirm when you can, all right?
Let me know if you hear anything. Delta 1989.
I'll let you know. Soon as I can.
United 93, Cleveland Center. Go ahead.
Cleveland Center, United 93. Level 350. Still have that light chop.
"Beware cockpit intrusion. "
"Two aircraft hit the World Trade Center. "
But we just left Newark. The weather was beautiful.
That's gotta be student pilots. I'm gonna... Let me just confirm this.
What have you got? Do we have anything on 11?
You're spotting nothing?
Come on, guys. Beat the bushes. Where is this guy? What's he doing?
I got two F-16s ready to turn and burn toward Washington.
I need to know the ROE, sir.
Sir, what do you want me to do when we intercept American 11?
Do we give them nines in their nose, sir? I need to know that.
If we engage, when do we engage?
How do we get the authority to get... Colonel, I need to know
with these Langley birds what I'm gonna do. Rules of engagement, sir.
Do we shoot this flight down?
How high up do we have to go? SecDef?
Vice President?
The President has to make the call. Yes, sir.
Sir, I need rules of engagement. What do I do, sir?
Yes, sir. Hold on.
MCC, I'm on with CONR right now,
requesting clarification for rules of engagement.
We'll let you know when Langley's airborne.
Yes, sir. ID type and tail. Yes, sir.
All right, thank you, sir.
We have no shoot-down authority.
No shoot-down authority at this time.
It is ID type and tail. ID type and tail.
Shoot-down authority comes from the President and the President only.

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