United 93 (2006): Losing Contact with American 11


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The clip losing contact with american 11 from United 93 (2006)

This is Rich Sullivan with the 11:15 strategic planning telcon.
We're updating advisory number 23.
First issue, we're showing 15-minute departure delays out of Newark.
Give us an update there.
I just spoke to Pete.
They're gonna try and get those reduced or eliminated.
They're gonna get Washington to reduce their restrictions,
so probably it'll clear up in about a half hour or so.
Okay, we're gonna lessen the restrictions or eliminate them on the Newark departures.
And the departure delays should be coming down here very soon.
Next, we got a large-scale military exercise off the East Coast today.
All the offshore routes are gonna be closed at 1400.
All the traffic will have to be moved inland. Any questions on that?
This is Jet Blue. Is Amber 761 available for offloads today?
Don't go for it.
No exceptions. They're gonna have to wait.
No exceptions.
All the offshore routes are gonna be closed.
Everyone's gonna be moved inland. And that's it.
Anybody have anything else for the morning plan?
Okay, we'll do the next telcon at 1315.
Good job.
US Air 29, contact Boston approach on 120.6. Good day.
Glens Falls. After Glens Falls...
And American 11, climb, maintain flight level 350.
Air Canada 129, Boston Center.
U.S. Air 129, contact Boston.
That's for American 11. Climb maintain flight level 350.
Come on.
American 11, Boston. How do you hear? Boston Center.
Hey, Greg? Yeah?
Try American 11 again. See if he's on your frequency,
if he came back to you. American 11, Boston Center.
How do you read?
American flight 11, Boston Center. Do you read?

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