United 93 (2006): Getting Military Planes


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The clip getting military planes from United 93 (2006)

New York Center wants everything stopped going to their airports and through...
All right, Tony, issue a ground stop for New York Center.
Nothing goes into New York Center.
Got it. At least the first tier on that. Yeah.
In fact... Hey, you know what? Let's stop Boston, New York,
and then maybe stop Washington, too.
Yeah, whatever's necessary. Just get them stopped now.
I don't want any more planes on their frequency taking off.
Boston, we have no confirmation...
Copy type and tail.
I'm hearing about another hijack. Keep your ears open.
Too much traffic. We can't get the clearance.
That's not acceptable.
They're not giving it to us.
If you need to, get on the line and get the clearance for them,
but don't take that from them.
Where are those Otis planes? Are we over Manhattan yet?
What's going on? MCC.
What's the status on Otis, Foxy?
We're still trying to get a clearance, sir.
We're getting no clearance from the FAA to get those birds over Manhattan.
What do you want me to tell weapons?
Screw the FAA. Send those Otis planes now.
Get them over Manhattan.
He says forget about the FAA. Get those birds over Manhattan now.

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