United 93 (2006): Cockpit Breakfast


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The clip cockpit breakfast from United 93 (2006)

United 93, Cleveland Center. Good morning.
United 93, Cleveland Center, 119.7. Good day.
You have the aircraft.
I have the aircraft.
Hi. Breakfast, guys. Here's one with juice.
Thank you.
I'm bringing the other one with coffee in one second.
Thank you very much. Enjoy, guys. See you later.
Thanks, Deb. See you in a bit.
What do you need over here?
But you know, with girls I can't, I could never, you know, I couldn't control...
As soon as I get on the ground, I'll give her a call.
You have kids? Yeah, I do.
I have a 11-month-old daughter.
Eleven months. How's that? You getting any sleep at night?
She's finally beginning to settle down now, so everything's looking good.
My anniversary's coming up, I'm taking my wife to London for a couple days.
Well, that should be good. Yeah, I've been to London a couple times.
You know, we're gonna do the usual.
A little sightseeing, do a couple plays and just kind of get away.
I've got Otis in the air, and two more at Langley.

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