United 93 (2006): American 11 Disappears


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The clip american 11 disappears from United 93 (2006)

Whatever information they got, they got to give it to us right away.
All right, good.
Hijack controller, no one at the desk. No backup.
Looks like they're on vacation. No backup?
There's no backup. There's no one at the desk.
Who were you talking to downstairs?
I'm talking to this guy.
He's in the conference room. There's nobody else in there.
I'm relaying the information, and then he's moving...
We got it. We got the tapes. Boston Center got the tapes pulled.
They said, "We have some planes. " Hold on.
That's what he said, "We have some planes. "
That was the suspicious transmission.
Was there any voice recognition?
I'm tracking it.
Jesus Christ.
Med Express 77, maintain 10,000.
The Kennedy altimeter's 2996.
Keep an eye on it. Now watch.
Delta 351, altimeter 2992.
Chilean 4369, New York altimeter, 2996.
Paul, what do you got? Hey, Mike, how you doing?
American 11. Possible hijacking on American 11.
He's southbound, 767. Nobody's talking to him.
I just called the room up and let them know about it.
They're not tracking him either, right now.
Where was the target last time?
Last time it was tracked in New York at Kennedy.
He's heading for the south. American 11, New York.
What do you want me to check?
Target's gone.
Paul. Paul, the target for American 11 just disappeared.
Just disappeared where? Right around Manhattan.
It just disappeared?
It was right there. It just disappeared.
I was talking to the other aircraft. The target just disappeared.
Call Kennedy up. Find out if they have it. We don't know where American is, all right?
Call Kennedy tower up, see if they have him down there,
and call Newark tower and see if they have him there.
What do we got, boys? Anything?
All right, sir, you need me to go ahead and start a recall for you?
Yes, initiate that.
Okay, great.
What's the status with Otis? Are those planes ready?
Foxy, what you got? You got anything?
MCC, battle stations call made 0838.
Otis attained battle stations at 40.
08? Colonel, 0840,
slams at battle stations.
Otis at battle stations. Copy.

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