United 93 (2006): Tracking American 11


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The clip tracking american 11 from United 93 (2006)

Welcome to New York Center. Altimeter is 2996.
Maintain speed 310...
...speed of 300 knots or greater.
Maintain flight level 220 and maintain a speed of 300 knots.
Roger, you got it.
New York. Thumbser.
Yeah, Boston.
New York. United 175.
All right, thank you. I got it. All right.
Hey, Dave? Yeah?
American 11 looking as a possible hijacking.
It may be going back into Kennedy. Hijack?
They say they heard something,
that there might be intrusion into the cockpit.
All right, just let me know if you hear anything,
anything unusual or anything. I'll watch him.
He's not squawking 7500.
So just keep it normal. No, he's not doing anything.
I'll keep an eye on him. I got it.
Just keep an eye on him. Will do.
What's going on? We got a hijack.
It might be a hijack, I don't know. It's American 11.
It's going down. You got a hijack?
We haven't had a hijack in 20 years. I don't know.
Listen, I don't know. What do you want me to tell you?
I just gotta watch him. That's all.
Chris, you got that? Thumbser.
United 175 heavy, New York, go ahead.
...west of Kennedy by 15 southbound descending, it's American 11.
We're not sure what the problem is yet.
Possible hijacking, we're not sure.
Passenger said something about they're up front.

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