United 93 (2006): Going to Newark


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The clip going to newark from United 93 (2006)

The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading
of passengers only.
No parking.
American 1493, Newark tower.
Wind 050 at 6. Go to land on runway four-right.
Yeah. You live here or you commute? I actually live here.
I live in a little town about an hour north of here called Marlton.
I live in Denver. I came in last night.
You see all those thunderstorms last night?
I didn't think I was gonna get in.
You know, I picked this up...
No, I haven't done it yet.
I'm still working on them, trying to get certain days off.
And it looks like the only way I can get it is to bid the reserve.
Yeah, you know, I go back to the Training Center.
I have a month on, month off, so I'll be giving check rides out in Denver.
Oh, that ain't too bad. At least you should be home.
You cut it close today.

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