Duck Soup (1933): Trapped in a House


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The clip Trapped in a house from Duck Soup (1933) with Groucho Marx

Wait a minute, I want to find out something.
Just as I thought, the coast is clear.
Chicolini, to your post!
Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honor which is probably more than she ever did.
Your Excellency!
There goes my gun. Run out and get that like a good girl.
Oh, I'm afraid!
We can't last much longer. Our ammunition supplies are very low!
Man the boats, Lieutenant! I'll get help!
Calling all nations! Calling all nations!
This is Rufus T...
This is Rufus T. Firefly coming to you through the courtesy of the enemy.
We're in a mess, folks! We're in a mess!
Rush to Freedonia. Three men and one woman are trapped in a building.
Send help at once. If you can't send help, send two more women.
Make it three more women.
Your Excellency, we can't hold out much longer! We must have help!

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