Duck Soup (1933): Two Spies Introduced


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The clip Two spies introduced from Duck Soup (1933) with Chico Marx, Louis Calhern

We fool you good, eh?
Gentlemen, what is this?
Shh! This is spy stuff.
Telegram for you, sir.
He gets mad because he can't read.
Oh, I see.
Well, gentlemen, we have serious matters to discuss.
Please be seated.
Gentlemen, gentlemen! Now about that information...
Wait, wait, wait, wait here, have a cigar. That's a good quarter cigar.
I smoked the other three quarters myself.
Yes. No, thank you, I have one of my own.
Here, try one of these!
Hey, that's a no good.
That's a good! That's-a fine.
That's a good.
Now let's concentrate.
Have you been trailing Firefly?
Have we been trailing Firefly.
Why, my partner, he's got a nose just like a bloodhound.
Yeah, and the rest of his face don't look so good either.
Well, we find out all about this Firefly.
Here, look at this.
Ah, very good, very good!
Wait a minute. We must not be disturbed.
Yes, sir?
This is a very important conference.
I do not wish to be interrupted.
Yes, sir.
Uh-uh, uh-uh!
Gentlemen, we are not getting anywhere.
You're out!

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