The Bucket List (2007): Setting Up Edward's Room


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The clip Setting up Edward's room from The Bucket List (2007) with Sean Hayes, Morgan Freeman

What are you doing here?
Oh, you know, fighting for my life. You?
Uh, no, I was just surprised...
and I don't care about the insurance!
And tell Dr. Shit-for-Brains...
...I wanna know everything about this bleomycin drip he wants to get me on.
I hear it eats your lungs.
When I address Congress next month...
...I don't want to do it breathing through a hole in my throat.
That's not exactly what happens.
Who the hell is this guy?
Where's Thomas? Tom!
In plain view, sir.
Hi, Tom.
We're gonna move you into the bed.
I can do it myself. I ain't dead yet.
How about now?
Have I fired you lately?
Not since the Oprah incident.
That was a good one. Ha-ha-ha.
Yeah, it's good stuff.

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