The Bucket List (2007): Trivia Questions

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Published 22 Nov 2011
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The clip Trivia questions from The Bucket List (2007)

" Name the five presidents whose last names begin with the letter H."
Warren G. Harding, Rutherford B. Hayes, Herbert Hoover...
...and the two Harrisons, Benjamin and William Henry.
Thought I'd get you with the double Harrisons.
You're sick, you know?
You think that's sick, can you name their wives?
Neither can I.
Yo, Cartey-car!
When they need the Camaro, man?
All right, I got one for you.
All right.
Who invented the radio?
That's a hard one.
What do you know, I finally got you.
I don't know if you want who they think invented the radio...
...or the person who actually invented the radio.
Well, in here it says...
Marconi, right?
Yeah, it ain't him?
He's the one they generally think invented the radio.
In fact, he got a Nobel Prize for it in 1909.
Truth is a guy named Nikola Tesla...
...patented the basic idea for the radio in 1896.
Same idea Marconi used for his patent several years later.
Tesla fought Marconi till the day he died in 1943.
Same year the Supreme Court ruled...
...that Marconi's patent was invalid...
...recognizing Tesla as the inventor of the radio.
You really are sick.
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