The Bucket List (2007): Persuading Carter


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The clip Persuading Carter from The Bucket List (2007)

What do you think happens now?
I go back and sit around listening to people...
...talking about mezzanine financing and subordinated debt...
...pretending that I care about dead money.
You go home to some ceremonial procession into death...
...with everyone standing around watching you die...
...while you try to comfort them.
Is that what you want, to be smothered by pity and grief?
Well, not me.
And in your heart, Carter, I believe not you either.
We're both in the same boat. How's that for a metaphor?
We got a real opportunity here.
That is real twisted, even by your standards.
We still feel good, right? Energy's coming back a little bit.
Asymptomatic, the doc says.
The way I see it, we can lay around here...
...hoping for a miracle in some bullshit science experiment...
...or we can put some moves on.
Skydiving, huh?
All right.

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