Undercover Brother (2002): Cheering Up


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The clip cheering up from Undercover Brother (2002)

Hello, Mr. James Brown.
Hello-ooo, Mr. James Brown.
Good God!
You will soon be administered a drug that will make you...
The signal's stopped.
It's James Brown touchdown!
That's James Brown?
That's mustard.
I can't believe I let him get away. I am so stupid.
You got to stop beating yourself up.
We got to work together as a team, okay?
Yeah, man. Let the team do it.
I'm playin' with him.
Stop playin'.
You need to lighten up.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Just be careful with this. If you smoke too much, it's going to have you all paranoid and shit.
It takes time to build up a tolerance like mine...
What? Did you hear that?
Hey, y'all, did you hear something?
Shh, quiet! There it goes again.

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