Undercover Brother (2002): Clothes Shopping


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The clip clothes shopping from Undercover Brother (2002) with Denise Richards, Aunjanue Ellis

Oh, Anton, I can't wait to see you in these corduroys.
You're gonna make me blush.
And you might not see it!
May I help you, sir?
Hello, fellow person of color.
How's it going today?
What's going down?
What are you doing with that girl?
What girl?
That girl!
Oh, the white woman.
I'm undercover.
When you go undercover, you have to do things you wouldn't normally do.
No matter how difficult, how dangerous, how good it might have felt.
Like having sex with white girls?
Damn it, woman, would you just back off?!
Attention angry black man in khakis.
Golly, I must have tripped or something.
Hi, Ton-ja.
I was wondering, do you have any dickies?
'Cause I couldn't find them.
Perhaps we're all sold out.
Aw, that's too bad.
Come on, Anton.
I saw a mock turtleneck at Eddie Bauer that's perfect for you.
Thanks for all your help. Bye-bye, Ton-ja.
And action!

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