Undercover Brother (2002): New Cigarette


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The clip new cigarette from Undercover Brother (2002)

Hi, there.
How are you doing?
What do you say there?
Howdy. May I help you?
I sincerely hope so.
Today's my first day at Multinational.
Oh, my. Jackson.
Anton Jackson.
And no, not one of the Jackson Five.
Here we go. You're in suite 54. Tobacco division.
We need some fresh, hip strategies to expand our market share.
As it turns out, I have just the product.
Here's one of your cigarettes.
Take a good look at it.
It's pale, small, a little on the limp side.
It's basically inadequate.
It can't possibly give much pleasure to the user.
I mean, ask yourselves, how many black people are gonna want to smoke this?
You have to effectively position your product within the black consumer.
May I present to you The Fatty?
Hmm? It's got that hand-rolled look and feel that's so popular with today's black youth.
It's big. It's full of long-lasting pleasure...
To be enjoyed again...
I could use a smoke.
Yeah? Good.

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