Undercover Brother (2002): Caucasiavision


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The clip Caucasiavision from Undercover Brother (2002) with Dave Chappelle, Gary Anthony Williams

A spectral analysis has ironically confirmed traces of poultry on Mr. Feather.
This proves that The Man must be behind...
Multinational Inc. 's deal with the General.
I don't get it. What does The Man got to do with fried chicken?
Is that his big plan, to get black people to eat junk food?
Open your eyes, Undercover Brother!
This has to do with discrediting the General.
That is the white man's tactic.
He don't want no black President.
You've seen it all through history.
They never give black men credit.
Jesus Christ... black man.
Babe Ruth... black man.
Sleeps with black men.
Think about it.
So the General sold out to The Man.
I don't think it's that simple.
When you're dealing with The Man, it never is.
Our only choice here is to infiltrate Multinational Inc.
Then we can find out what happened to the General.
It'll be a very dangerous assignment.
It'll be your most vigorous training yet.
You're gonna have to think and act just like a tight-butt white man with a 401K plan and a country club membership.
So pay attention.
Here have a bite of this sandwich.
How did you know I was hungry?
I ain't eat nothing this morning.
If you're going to pass in white America, you are going to have to learn to like mayonnaise!
No! Listen if you're ever forced to eat this mayonnaise, simply press the button on this side of the watch.
It delivers a rather liberal spritzing of hot sauce.
One blast should be enough to make Caucasian food edible.
Well, it works on grits.
Now, since time is of the essence,...
I developed a device that allows you to absorb the whole of white culture in mere seconds using subliminal imagery.
I call it... Caucasiavision.

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