Undercover Brother (2002): Attacking Undercover Brother


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The clip attacking Undercover Brother from Undercover Brother (2002)

Ooh, too funky for myself.
You were the only man outside the palace.
I was outside.
But I wasn't the only one.
Jim Kelly!
It is not possible.
Watch out for the hand!
Gets you every time! Spinning back-kick!
I think I'll lay down and get me a little bit of sleep.
Don't touch the hair!
Okay, Bruce Leroy, turn around.
If you gonna shoot me, shoot me.
Thank you, Jesus.
Dig it.
You that Sistah Girl from the bank, huh?
I guess you like what you saw earlier.
Look, baby, let's stop fooling around.
Your body's slammin', let's get to jammin'.
Excuse me?
Oh, nothing relaxes a brother after a hard day of going undercover like a little piece of the cookie.
Goddamn. My cookie would break you in half.
Maybe, but that would be some long division.
You hit me pretty good, but I wasn't ready.
Now, any time you think you want to get feisty or throw down...
So, Sistah Girl, if you're not here for Undercover Lover, you must be here for Undercover Brother.
What, pray tell, can I do for you today?

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