Undercover Brother (2002): Black President


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The clip black president from Undercover Brother (2002) with Aunjanue Ellis, Chris Kattan

The so called Afro Bandit struck Multinational Bank.
However, it appears no money was stolen.
Authorities questioned singer Macy Gray, but she was released for lack of evidence.
Well, would anybody like to explain exactly what the hell happened at the bank?!
His name is Undercover Brother.
Apparently, he was erasing mortgage records so that low-income families wouldn't lose their homes.
A "Soul Train" reject with a Robin Hood complex.
Now I've heard everything.
Hey, hey, hey, now.
At least he got the job done.
That's the kind of man we need around here.
The keyword being "man"?
Hold on. I didn't say that, you did.
The General's press conference is starting!
We interrupt this broadcast to take you live to a press conference by General Warren Boutwell, in which he is expected to announce that he is a candidate for presidency of the United States.
I wonder if he'll run as a Democrat or an Independent.
Never know. Might be a Republican.
Oh, please.
What kind of self-respecting black man would run as a Republican?
Name one thing the Republican party has done for black people. One!
Well, they were the party of Lincoln.
They stood against the tyranny of oppression by leading the call for the Civil War, and forced passage of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves.
All right, name two things lately.
Damn it, it doesn't matter what party!
This could be the first step on the road to putting an African-American in the White House.
It's a great day for black people of all races.
Good morning.
Think about it!
I've thought long and hard about how I can best serve my country now that I'm no longer in uniform.

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