Topaz (1969): Asking for a Favor


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The clip asking for a favor from Topaz (1969)

I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be.
You can't do this to Nicole.
I have to, Andre.
How did you find us?
You both told me you were going to be in New York.
Never mind. What do you want?
There is a written agreement between Russia and Cuba.
We must see it. Rico Parra...
I can't talk to Parra. He hates me.
I know that.
Rico Parra has a secretary named Luis Uribe.
Why don't you do this job yourself?
We can't. Uribe can't be approached by an American.
I am sorry.
Just one of your people to photograph those papers.
Just a taxi ride to Harlem, that's all we're asking.
This Uribe can be bought.
Andre, do this for us.
You know I wouldn't be here if there was any other way.
The sketches you made at the United Nations.
Did you do the Cuban delegates?
Some, yes.
Did you make a sketch of a man named Luis Uribe?
I'll see.
There he is.
Could we have this page?

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