Topaz (1969): Francois Interviews Jarre


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The clip francois interviews jarre from Topaz (1969)

Just relax, Monsieur Jarre.
I am relaxed.
I only wonder what questions you want to ask.
They are very simple. For example:
You are a civilian official of NATO.
How does your authority compare with the military?
The importance of people in NATO
has nothing to do with whether they wear a uniform or not.
Very good.
Then you are among those who make the decisions?
Yes, of course.
Even if they are military?
Military considerations are always subject to politics
and the relations between countries.
I see.
So you have access to all the decisions that are made,
military as well as political?
I did not say that. I am afraid you assumed too much.
I am very sorry. But we can assume, can't we, that in your position
you have access to confidential files?
I beg your pardon. I don't see how that can be of interest to you.
Oh, Monsieur Jarre.
The readers of our newspaper find such things fascinating.
For them, to know a civilian can have access to military secrets...
You cannot print that I have access to military secrets.
Even if it were true, it would be classified information.
What a shame. But you said before...
I said that I help make decisions.
That is different.
OK. That's too bad.
But you see, sir, it is a rule for a newspaperman not to be dull.
Surely I can print that files marked "top secret" cross your desk every day?
Why do you stay on this subject? What are you trying to find out?

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