Topaz (1969): Topaz Part 2


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The clip topaz Part 2 from Topaz (1969)

Whether to obey your conscience or to obey your government.
Let me give you a piece of advice.
Don't go home.
These people will give you a new life, a new job. Everything.
Think it over.
Our government is preparing to take any action against Cuba,
or Russia, that circumstances demand.
Any leak to the Russians of what we know at this time could be fatal.
If the Russians learn we are on the move
because of all the information we have,
they could make those missiles operational almost immediately.
Pointed at every big city in America.
And that means France will be Involved.
We have to inform our allies of our intentions.
An American mission will arrive in Paris in three days.
And I am supposed to keep my mouth shut and uncover Topaz?
At the risk of my own skin?
That's quite a job, my friends.

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